is a quirky relatable, however diverse experience that still manages to unite us all, this collection captures that specific aha! moment when we discover our bodies, often accidentally stumbling into a new paradigm of pleasure.
They have been compiled by women sharing their experiences with me.
I invite you to be a part of this ever-growing series by submitting your own experiences!

Here are some of the pieces exhibited in Laiika art space, Montreal, 2016

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Her love for the armchair grew, in sync with her very first pubic hair.

She loves bathroom breaks. That portable bidet shower was used for more than just a clean. In return, a festive pulsation for both water, and clitoris.

“I had this thing where I would hold the door from both handles, kind of like a door bicycle. Sometimes I would even put pillow in the middle”

“Grade 5, during my Math exam. I hadn’t finished, 5 seconds left, the teacher was coming to take the paper. Super nervous of the consequences,
this fear caused the craziest pulsation down there”

The washing machine was shaking,“What if I sat on it?” she wondered. And so she did.It’s then and there that sitting on the machine, was her new
favorite thing to do


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